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KnowHow that drives success for private healthcare organisations to practice safer, more reliable and kinder healthcare.

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Developed and delivered by Cognitive Institute’s global network of recognised expert educators, our webinars offer an introduction to our KnowHow – knowledge, insights and experience – and our multimodal risk management interventions that support private healthcare organisations to deliver exceptional patient care, and in turn, business performance.


Could simple civility save lives and reduce medicolegal risk?

Senior Medical Educator Dr Lynne McKinlay explores current research and global movements that assert ‘civility creates safety’ and shares practical evidence-based strategies to create a culture of civility in the workplace. 

Wellbeing and team performance series


96% of attendees rated the series as relevant to their work, describing it as evidence-based and practical 

Part 1:

Looking After Yourself – Self-care Through COVID-19


This recording shares practical, evidence-based strategies for clinicians and healthcare professionals to sustain physical and mental wellbeing.

Part 2:

Sustaining Clinical Team Performance Through COVID-19


Our educators share practical, evidence-based strategies for leaders to care for the clinicians and staff they lead and present a practical briefing and debriefing tool, RapidCheck™.

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